SBS International [Fashionable]5/17/2013 10:02:46 AM
´╗┐SBS International Housos is the not so epic, comedy series following the stories of Shazza, Dazza, Franky and Kylie - four best mates from down on the block. Housos follows the adventures of the residents of the Sunnyvale Housing Commission in 'every-town' Australia. They battle cops and they scam Centrelink, they even have the occasional threesome and swingers party, but once you're down with the crew in the hood it's "Sunnyvale for life". Fact of life; Australia is getting dumber, less educated - and at the bottom of the barrel you'll find the fully sick adventures of the residents from Sunnyvale. What does it mean to be a houso? It means that life is far from easy. What do you do if ambulances won't come into your area because kids throw rocks at them? Hmmm, maybe you should steal a fire truck and get to the hospital that way? What do you do if your dad owes thousands to the bikies and your boyfriend needs bail money? Maybe importing shifty boogie boards could solve all your problems. It's funny how much work they put into actually avoiding real work. From the creator of 'Fat Pizza' and 'Swift and Shift Couriers', Pauly Fenech, the assassin of political correctness, does to bogans what Kath and Kim did to lower, middle class Australia. Housos is a fashion statement from Australia's dodgiest suburbs; thongs, hoodies and Ugg boots will transport you to a world where self-medicating, poorly educated stooges are not only the norm they're a fact of life. They may be trashy but they are literally as thick as thieves. With the best of the 'Fat Pizza' and 'Swift and Shift Couriers' ensemble 'Housos' brings the real face of Australia's suburban underbelly to life. Duration 9 x 25 Produced by Antichocko Productions Pty Ltd SBS International Unveils New Highlights 11 Dec 2012 SYDNEY: SBS International has landed the distribution rights to the feature film Mabo and the hit series Classical Destination, both of which are being presented by the company this week in Singapore at the ATF. Read more SBS International Sells a Raft of New Food Titles 28 Sep 2012 Australia's SBS International has secured a string of global sales for its key food programmes, Luke Nguyen's Greater Mekong Part One and Two, and Peter Kuruvita's Island Feast and My Sri Lanka. Read more